Siege Of Avalon

This great game works almost 'out of the box'.

-Run 'Pointsoft.exe' (for the collectors edition) and 'Siege_?' (where ? is a number between 1 and 6 inclusive) or 'Setup.exe' for other versions. If you have the collectors edition, I would propose to install all 6 chapters and the update right now (unless you intend to not play all of them).

-Run the game and if it doesn't work correctly, have a look at the Notes. You don't need the CD to play.


-Tested with Cedega version: 5.2.10

-If the introvideo is very slow, stutters or doesn't show at all, set the 'Scheduler' to 'Yes' in the 'General' tab.

-If the sound doesn't work correctly (stutters/lags/crackles), enable 'Full Duplex' and 'Use MMap' (alsa or oss, both work) in the 'Audio' tab.


Last updated on Jan. 24, 2007