The X-Files

-Run 'setup.exe' on CD1. When the installer asks you about the installation type, I strongly recommend, picking the full install (all 7 CDs are copied to the harddisk), if you have ~3.5GB of free disk space. Because it is really annoying to change cds every few minutes, especially if you play in fullscreen.

-If you were not prompted to install quicktime 3 while installing the game (as happened to me), you have to do this now, or you won't be able to play. It is necessary to install the Quicktime player in the same 'Game Folder' as X-Files, so for the next step, make sure to choose X-Files (or however you called it) as 'Game Folder' in the Cedega installation dialog.

-Now install Quicktime 3 by running '/qtw/qtw3inst.exe' on CD1.

-Almost finished. Open the properties dialog for X-Files, click on 'Edit Settings' and navigate to the 'Audio' tab. Choose 'Alsa' and tick 'Full Duplex' and 'Use MMap'. Otherwise the sounds will be massively distorted.

-Now everything should be set up correctly and you can start the game by running the X-Files executable. Make sure to have CD1 mounted in your drive (no no-cd-fixed-exe necessary).


-Tested with Cedega version: 5.2.10

-If the videos are not displayed correctly (or not at all), install a more recent version of Quicktime. For example Quicktime 6 is known to work.

-If you did not choose the full install and play in fullscreen, I would recommend unticking 'DXGrab' in the 'General' tab, so you can switch out of the game to (un-)mount and change CDs.


Last updated on Jan. 24, 2007