Simon The Sorcerer 3D

-Run 'SETUP.EXE' on CD1. I propose choosing the max. installation to increase the performance, if you have ~1GB of free disk space.

-When you run the game for the first time, 'Spiel starten' (start game/play) will not be accessible in the menu. You first have to click on 'Einstellungen' (options/preferences) and adjust them to your needs. When you then click on 'ok', 'Spiel starten' (the same as above) will be accessible. (I only have the german version, so I don't know, what exactly the terms in the english menu are, but you should be able to find them).

-Make sure CD1 is inserted and mounted and start the game. If it runs, be happy...if not, have a look at the Notes.


-Tested with Cedega version: 5.2.10

-If you get a message, that the renderer could not be set up and/or that no 3D device could be created, try using a depth of 16 bit (e.g. 800*600*16 as resolution in the Simon3D options/preferences).

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Last updated on Jan. 24, 2007