Sherlock Holmes - The Case Of The Silver Earring

-Run 'setup.exe' on CD1, enjoy the pictures and be patient, it will take quite some time to install. Choose 'No', when you're asked to install DirectX 9.0 and bravely ignore the Install Shield warning about Internet Explorer being too old.

-Try to start the game now; if it complains about not finding CD1, even though it is inserted and mounted, then you have to get a no-cd-fixed-exe (e.g. from Gamecopyworld ).

-Adapt the 'Path to Program' in the properties dialog of Sherlock Holmes, to point to the right executable. And make sure that CD1 is inserted and mounted.

-Now run the game. If everything works properly, then have fun, otherwise read on.


-Tested with Cedega version: 5.2.10

-If the videos are very slow, stutter or don't play, set the 'Scheduler' to 'Yes' in the 'General' tab.

-If the only things you see after the introvideo has finished is a black screen and a white shape (of a dead body), then go to the optionsmenu of the game (Esc->Options) and turn off 'quality shadows' in the 'Preferences' frame (the option at the bottom).


Last updated on Jan. 24, 2007