Nothing here is finished (or even close to ), if you're just looking
for a good game to play, then come back in a year or two...

NEWAdv (4.2MB)
This will become a 3d adventure game, using OGRE3D.
Alternative download from here.
agg (67.3MB)
'Framework' and 2 sampleapps for a 2d adventure game, using sdl.
cal (4.2MB)
An approach to a board game, using clanlib.
gtkfw (20.2KB)
Testing gtk to build a graphical installation programm.
realCal (288.6KB)
Christmas calendar using clanlib, no content yet.
tbge (58.1KB)
'Framework' to build a text adventure game just by filling out txt-files.
Alternative download from here.

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Last updated on Jan. 24, 2007